SMEGMA 50 year anniversary !!!

Nov.25, 2020

SMEGMA October 7 2023

Lathe cut on IWR Records 2021

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SMEGMA Dialing for Smegma #28/40

Pig 032- c-40 Smegma (1976) – Pasadena Lo-Fi

Recorded at the legendary ancestral home of LAFMS at 35 S. Raymond in Pasadena in 1976, with no post production this Tape features original tape hiss, random drop-out, bleed thru and low fidelity but also Inspired Jamming from core members Dennis Duck, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Bard (D.K.) and Craig Mogyorody. The front cover features Colorado Blvd in all it’s trash filled, post Rose Parade glory.

Pigface 031
Pig 031- c-30 The Highland Park 3 + 1 (members of Smegma) – Under the Spell of Chicken Boy

For a few years now there have been spontaneous, low key Jams at Ace’s pad in lovely Highland Park Featuring Ace Farron Ford , Oblivia, Ju Suk, and on this tape the even lovelier Gene Evans. The jams have been re-imagined in studio by Ju Suk Reet Meate in Portland Oregon 2018 for your listening Pleasure.

 Pig 028 Electric Bill(Willie) 1975

Pig 028 Electric Bill(Willie)

Pigface 029 Ace and Duck/ Guzo

Pigface 029 Ace and Duck/ Guzo

Pigface Records 030 Smegma "Son of Geek" 1973-74-75

Pigface Records 030 Smegma “Son of Geek”

All cassettes still available for  6 USD ea. in the States

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for details.

PIGFACE RECORDS Cassette Series   as of july 2018


015 C-40 The Tenses with Giggles             Delusional       (rec. 2011 NYC,Portland)  only a few left !! Tour only

016 C-40  Ju Suk Reet Meate                       Solo 1978 & 79 Vol.2 ( rec. in Portland)

017 C-40  Lee Rockey                                  Brass Ring (rec. late 1970′s Portland)

018 C-60  Lee Rockey                                  Jazz Drummer Extraordinaire
( rec. 1952-63 NYC,Portland)

019 C-40  MSHR/The Tenses                       Playing Together vol. 1   (rec 2012 Portland)

020 C-40 Smegma                                        Wild Blue Yonders   (rec. 2011 Portland)

021 C-60  GUZO                                            American Girl rec (2011-13 Portland)


022  C-60 Smegma                                      The  Pigface Tape   (rec. 1974 Pasadena)

023 C-30  Lee Rockey                                 Tarzan’s Morning After  (rec. 1960′s Portland)

024 C-60  Smegma/ GUZO                           Live at Instants Chaveris (rec. 2013 Montreuil)


(025 C-30 MSHR/The Tenses and ARTTU 2015 west coast Tour (rec 2014 Portland/somewhere in Tour only Finland)
026 C-40 Smegma Dives headfirst into Punk Rock!
( rec. 1978-79 Portland)

027 C-30 The Tenses Sleepless
( rec. live answering the phone 2015 in Portland )


028 C-40 Electric Bill (Willie) The collected Genius of …

( rec. mostly in and around Pasadena 1973-5)
029 C-40 Ace and Duck/Guzo An Evening in Copenhagen (rec. 2016 in Copenhagen)
030 C-40 Smegma Son of Geek (rec. 1973-5 in Pasadena)

Smegma at the Box 2016

Smegma in Newcastle 2013 Smegma in Newcastle on The Long Stairs 2013



Smegma in Oberlin 2014

Smegma in Oberlin 2014



      40 Years of SMEGMA TOUR


9 October 2013 Fly to UK

10 October 2013 Show at Cafe OTO (London) w/Control Unit.

 11 October 2013 Show TUSK (Newcastle)

12 October 2013 off

13 October 2013  travel to Europe

14 October 2013 Amsterdam

15 October 2013 off

16 October 2013 LUFF festival

17 October 2013 insants chavires (Paris)

18 October 2013 Le Ateliers Claus (Brussels)

19 October 2013 Cowley Club  Brighton.

20 October 2013 fly home




The Cosmic Spud

The Cosmic Spud