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Nov.28, 2021

SMEGMA / SATURN AND THE SUN Split 7″ 100 copies total each with an original
drawn by members of Smegma
Lathe cut on IWR Records 40 total

Pigface Records 1978-2021 Super Colossal Sale !

Feb.15, 2019


New Smegma 10″  –Food City1974/ Inside Job 2017

very high quality hand cut records from the Netherlands.


A few of were are available from Pigface Records


Smegma Food City #21 Smegma Food City #24Smegma Food City #23Smegma Food City # 22Smegma Food City #18Smegma food City # 17Smegma Food City #16Smegma Food City #25Smegma Food City #15

Not Avalible Not Available

Smegma Food City # 19 Not Available

PIGFACE RECORDS ANNOUNCES for 2018 newish and still available .

Jul.29, 2017

All cassettes still available for  6 USD ea. in the States

Please contact –  Ju Suk  at  —

for details.


PIGFACE RECORDS Cassette Series   as of july 2017


015 C-40 The Tenses with Giggles             Delusional       (rec. 2011 NYC,Portland)  only a few left !! Tour only

016 C-40  Ju Suk Reet Meate                       Solo 1978 & 79 Vol.2 ( rec. in Portland)

017 C-40  Lee Rockey                                  Brass Ring (rec. late 1970′s Portland)

018 C-60  Lee Rockey                                  Jazz Drummer Extraordinaire
( rec. 1952-63 NYC,Portland)

019 C-40  MSHR/The Tenses                       Playing Together vol. 1   (rec 2012 Portland)

020 C-40 Smegma                                        Wild Blue Yonders   (rec. 2011 Portland)

021 C-60  GUZO                                            American Girl rec (2011-13 Portland)



022  C-60 Smegma                                      The  Pigface Tape   (rec. 1974 Pasadena)

023 C-30  Lee Rockey                                 Tarzan’s Morning After  (rec. 1960′s Portland)

024 C-60  Smegma/ GUZO                           Live at Instants Chaveris (rec. 2013 Montreuil)



(025 C-30 MSHR/The Tenses and ARTTU 2015 west coast Tour (rec 2014 Portland/somewhere in Tour only Finland)
026 C-40 Smegma Dives headfirst into Punk Rock!
( rec. 1978-79 Portland)

027 C-30 The Tenses Sleepless
( rec. live answering the phone 2015 in Portland )



028 C-40 Electric Bill (Willie) The collected Genius of …

( rec. mostly in and around Pasadena 1973-5)
029 C-40 Ace and Duck/Guzo An Evening in Copenhagen (rec. 2016 in Copenhagen)
030 C-40 Smegma Son of Geek (rec. 1973-5 in Pasadena)


 Pig 028 Electric Bill(Willie) 1975

Pig 028 Electric Bill(Willie)


             NEW  !

Pigface 029 Ace and Duck/ Guzo

Pigface 029 Ace and Duck/ Guzo


                         NEW !

Pigface Records 030 Smegma "Son of Geek" 1973-74-75

Pigface Records 030 Smegma “Son of Geek”









Recorded "live" into the phone in Portland to callers from Dublab's Sleepless event at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion L.A.

Recorded “live” into the phone in Portland to callers from Dublab’s Sleepless event at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion L.A.

Punk Rock Smegma from 1978-79 Portland

Punk Rock Smegma from 1978-79 Portland

Pigface 026 C-40 SMEGMA 1978-79 ” portland Punk”

Includes the first two “punk shows” in portland also Flashcards (from 45rpm single) and Going Rancid .    more info to come soon…….





Please contact Ju Suk At:   to Order





Pigface 022 C-60 SMEGMA The Pigface Tape (1974)

40 year anniversary Edition  Original recordings  by Ju Suk Reet Meate  in Altadena, Calif. May 16 1974, except Side B track 3 May 20, 1974. Final Editing and EQing January 2014 .

On this Recording Smegma is : Paul Rioux, Ace (Farren Ford), Amy, Bev , Dennis (Duck), Chuck-O-Fats (Donkey Flybye), Cheez-it-Ritz,  Ju Suk Reet Meate, Chuck  and Cheez-Bro.

 SMEGMA-The Pigface Tape
SMEGMA-The Pigface Tape 

Pigface 023 C-30 LEE ROCKEY Tarzan’s Morning After

Amazing Inner-Mind, Solo Jamming from early or late 1960’s  With Lee Rockey on Tube Echoplex, Vocals, Cello, Bells, Homemade Horns, Toy Piano, Zither, and more. All recording and mixing  by Lee Rockey  at Home, in Portland Oregon. No overdubs

Final editing, EQing and album concept, by Ju Suk Reet Meate at Smegma’s Studio, Portland Oregon 2014

Lee Rockey-Tarzans mourning after
Lee Rockey-Tarzans mourning after

Pigface 024 C-60 SMEGMA 40 Years of Smegma Tour- Live at Instants Chavires   Oct. 17 2013

Documenting the (Almost Paris) Mountreuil  France, stop on SMEGMA’S U.K.-E.U. Tour 2013.

Live band includes 3 orig.  members, Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Ju Suk Reet Meate,  30+ year member Oblivia, and since 2011 Madelyn Villano.

SMEGMA/GUZO- Live At Instants Chavires
SMEGMA/GUZO- Live At Instants Chavires


  STILL          Available

The Tenses with GigglesDELUSIONAL C-40
Recorded at Smegma’s Studio Portland , Oregon December 2011 by Ju Suk 
ReMixed May 2012. Except side B The Tenses Live in studio at East Village Radio June 2011 by Jeff Conklin

The Tenses: Ju Suk Reet Meate and Rock and Roll Jackie of Smegma
Giggles:  Madelyn Villano and Alieta Herrera-Train.    only a few left !!!!!!


Side One features an informal Real Time Jam between Smegma Alumni and the (then) newcomers on the Portland Scene. Somewhat edited by Ju Suk reet Meate. Side Two was recorded “live” near the corner of 1st and 1st NYC in a tiny, crowded studio that adds an extra layer of intensity to the performance.

Ju Suk Reet Meate
SOLO 1978&1979 V.II C-40
Recorded in various locations in Portland Oregon 1978 and 1979 as ” Real Time ” Improv. with no Overdubs, Edits, or Remixing . Some final EQing and Editing in Smegma’s Studio January 2013. Recording Quality varies. 

Recorded at the same time as Pigface 004 (1980) This album embraces a rawer esthetic. Many tracks were recorded on portable Cassette decks with automatic level control .  Ju suk plays Guitar, record Player, Bowed sheet metal, Trumpet, Vocals, Gnome Synth., 1880’s Pump Organ, Bass Guitar played with feet, and 1/4 inch Reel to Reel multi head tape loops all played in “Real Time” no Overdubs, Edits, or remixing.

Lee Rockey
Sonic Explorer BRASS RING C-40
Recorded , Edited, Mixed and Played  in Portland Oregon in the late 1970’s By Lee Rockey.  Final Editing for this Album  by Ju Suk Reet Meate at Smegma’s Studio  January 2013.

Lee Rockey gave up being the best jazz drummer in Portland sometime in the late 1960’s and started playing a modified flat bridge violin, cello, oscillators, and free drumming using a Teac 2340 4 channel tape deck, as soon as they were available, to layer tracks. Brass Ring is one of the very rare finished and named compositions that was originally as a cassette dub, which I managed to borrow and copy.

Lee Rockey

Side one: Recorded at various NYC locations including Lee’s Apartment 1952-1955. Side two: Mostly Recorded at the Way Out Club Portland, Oregon, May 16 1961
Final EQing and Album Concept by Ju Suk Reet Meate in February 2013

One of the most unique and unsung Artists in Portland history, Lee Rockey was born in Vancouver Wa. 1926 and from 1942 until 1965 or so was the most modern and best “Jazz  Drummer” in the area. One of the” Vancouver Whiz Kids” he wore a Zoot Suit  with a Reet Pleat and still spoke “Jive” when I met him in 1976.  After playing all types of Gigs in Portland including sitting in for touring R&B acts such as The Treniers, he Moved to NYC  in 1952 ,and was hired by Neil Hefty (who had just revitalized Count Basie’s  Career  with his great arrangements and written his last big hit Little Darlin )  for his first big band. Later he was in the studio for Herbie Mann’s debut 10″ in 1955. Also on this album are Homemade Tapes with his friend, pianist and vocalist Ed Beach jamming and being silly in their apartment in NYC.

Moving back to Portland Lee was the go-to Drummer for the most ambitious Jazz Musicians including Jim Smith’s “The Way Out Band” 1961-63 featuring amazing arrangements by Bill and Ernie Hood and others. WARNING: This Album contains Serious High Class music originally intended for Adults of the Mid 20th Century.                        

MSHR/The Tenses
In studio Improv. Recorded September 2012. Edited and Mixed by Ju Su Reet Meate at Smegma’s Studio (Planet Purple Room), February 2013.

The Tenses: Ju Suk Reet Meate and Rock and Roll Jackie of Smegma
MSHR: Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper.

Informal in studio jam session blends MSHR’s new electronic dream world with The Tenses old school organic psychedelic stew.


######NEW   #########NEW   #########NEW ############NEW ############### NEW #########


PIGFACE 020 SMEGMA-Wild Blue Younders

PIGFACE 020 SMEGMA-Wild Blue Younders

Wild Blue Yonders C-40
Recorded 2011 at Smegma’s Studio in Portland and Juan’s Studio in Pasadena by Ju Suk Reet Meate
Ideal 095


On this record Smegma Is Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Donkey Flybye, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Rock and Roll Jackie, John Wiese, Madelyn Villano, Rogue Iiniki, and William Cyrus Ford.


Cassette reissue of the 100 copy LP on Ideal ( sweden ) released at Perspectives festival on April 21, 2012.

PIGFACE 021 GUZO - American Girl

PIGFACE 021 GUZO – American Girl


American Girl C-60
Recorded, mixed, edited in or near Portland, Oregon from 2011 to present (april 2013) by M.V.


Stunning Debut album featuring Long form, crunchy, lo-fi sizzle and other Moods.

Side One- Linear Guilt

Side Two- Nowhere Gun

Featuring  Madelyn Villano on Voice, Violin, Piano, Guitar, Kaossilator, Ableton, Line 6, Dl4, TR707, Tapes, Samples.