2009 Smegma Bio.

Jan.20, 2013


Smegma started in 1973 in Pasadena, California, as a reaction to the “bad fusion rock” from their region. Among it’s original members were Dennis duck, who later went on to help form bands such as “The Human Hands”  in the late ’70’s and “The Dream Syndicate” in 1982. Ace Farren Ford later of The Child Molesters , The Mystery Band and with Rozz Williams became part of EXP and other Goth acts.

Richard Snyder went on to join Capt. Beefheart’s Magic Band in 1979 as “Midnight Hatsize Snyder”.

Smegma left Pasadena for Portland, Oregon in 1975. They released “Glamour Girl 1941” on the L.A.F.M.S. label in 1979, along with three singles on their own label. In 1980 Mute records released a “smegma/Non” split single (scheduled to be released on the upcoming “Mute Singles Box Set”). In the late seventies, they enjoyed the “punk” scene in Portland, becoming favorites of bands like; “The Wipers” and “The Dead Kennedys” of San Francisco.

In 1982, they released “Pigs For Lepers” and “Flies Like Holidays” on their own “Pigface” label.

In 1987 “Dead Mans Curve” records (UK), released “Nattering Naybobs Of Negativity” and in 1989 DOM records (West Germany), released “Smell The Remains”, a greatest hits compilation.

In the mid-nineties they released  three full length albums for Tim Kerr records, including a collaboration with the japan based “Merzbow”. Smegma was also featured on  Japan Overseas’ “Violent Onsen Geisha Tour” along with Thurston Moore. Japan Overseas also released Smegma’s first LP, “Glamour Girl”, on compact disc. As did

L.A.F.M.S./Cortical Foundation, as part of their “Lowest Form of Music” 10 Disc box set.

Author and “Rock Critic” Richard Meltzer joined Smegma in 1997 until 2003. 2003 also saw Smegma collaborating with “Wolf Eyes” for an album titled “The Beast” and Steve Mackay (saxophonist for The Stooges’ “Fun House” LP and Violent Femmes guest sax. player) for Smegma’s “30 years of service” recording.

In 2004 Smegma toured the west coast with; Wolf Eyes, Comets On Fire, and Rubber O Cement. where they were joined by Tom Recchion and Ace Farren Ford in Los Angeles, introduced by Jello Biafra in San Francisco, and joined again to play in San Francisco with Steve Mackay.

In 2005 Smegma headlined the KRAAK fest, in Hasselt Belgium. Where they got very good reviews for the most part and on March, 17 2006, will Play in New York for the first time, at the NO FUN FEST, in Brooklyn, New York the following is a short bio written by Richard Meltzer from 1999;

Now in their 28th year of existence,Smegma are a so-called “noise band” if not exactly by their own designation. Not that they would deny it, mind you-noise as a station of sonic oompah certainly doesn’t rankle their metamusical ass. It’s simply that other things figure more prominently on their collective agenda: group improvisation with a heap of Unfinished Sixties Business factored in (the real-time-from-Socratic mutilayered equivalent of “I Am the Walrus,” let’s say)…..Free Music in it’s grandest, and least superficial, sense (a la the denser moments of Ornette Coleman’s “Free Jazz”)..a ritual fusing of any and all musics and non-musics at the level of the hum, the blap, the tink, the boom. By design as well as chance, every performance is an utterly NEW sonic event, one capable(some nights, anyway) of changing the way an audience will actually “hear”. (Y’know, forever.)

Richard B Meltzer 1999

In 2007 3 original Pasadena members became   part of the “touring” Band and freshly  rejuvenated Smegma , has played some amazing fun Gigs with our old pals the L.A.M.F.S. including a 24 hour Telethon reunion at Otis Art Institute, the LAFMS London weekend 2010, at The Getty Center in L.A. 2011, and most recently at The Box in downtown L.A. 2012. Also this year Smegma Headlined the Perspectives Festival in Sweden, and played a local festival PDX POP NOW!

Since 2009 at Smegma’s Studio, Ju Suk Reet Meate has been recording, editing and mixing at a unprecedented pace, sometimes with the help of our newest member Madeline Villano.