Ace Farren Ford – Bio

Jul.14, 2023

Ace Farren Ford

Has been on the outskirts of the outskirts of music for over 50 years. In 1971 he began exploring the concept of free music with his group Ace & Duce, originally a duo, later a quintet featuring Rick Snyder, Dennis Duck and Tom Recchion. In 1974 he joined the then newly formed noise rock group Smegma, and in 1975 helped to form the Los Angeles Free Music Society. He has appeared on more than 70 releases on lp, cd, singles and tapes. He has played in groups as diverse as the Child Molesters, Rancid Vat, Crowbar Salvation, the Hurtin’ Bros., the Shadow Project, Heltir, the Mystery Band, the South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble & Airway. In 2007 he officially rejoined Smegma and has appeared on several releases, joining them recently to play London, Sweden & the Getty in Los Angeles. He is a tattoo artist for 18 years, published 4 books of poems, and has exhibited his paintings and collages since 1994.

  Ace Farren Ford                        Photo by  Heiko Purnhagen 2012

Ace Farren Ford Photo by Heiko Purnhagen 2012